Desfougeres Charlène – Francia


10447272_1391508087804884_135942090_nI went to art school « École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges » in France ( I am french ), from 2007 to 2012. And now I live in Paris. My office/studio is my home ! I made an internship in Brooklyn in 2011 with a graphic designer, Lisa Larson Walker. After this internship ( in 2012 ) I participated with several illustrators in a project of illustrations with gif ( « corpse fabrique » : ), on the initiative of the illustrator Josh Cochran. I made a series of drawings ( > theme : “Aliens “) for the collective ” art word “,in New York again, in 2013. ( I participate regularly in small collective projects, in publishing mainly ( for “PlisanSlits” for example, in 2012 : ),I present my work in festivals ( like « Fanzine ! » / > october-november/ Paris ). My illustrations often represent food ( for me that’s an important source of inspiration ). I like to represent graphically “fat” “sticky” and not really appetizing food – with pastel colors, simple shapes.



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