Florencia Aristarain was born in Mendoza, Argentina on October 24th, 1984. She is finishing her studies at National University of Cuyo as a graphic designer. She has worked in various studies in the area of visual communication. She has had several exhibitions of photography and illustration. Florencia has participated in workshops in Chile with renowned international illustrators. She was recently selected through a contest, as the only Argentinian illustrator, to publish in the Venezuelan literary illustrated magazine Buriñón along with other 17 Latin American illustrators. She has been selected to be a part of the publication The Best Latin American Illustrations 2013 and 2014. Her dream is to illustrate for the rest of her life, poetry and stories for both adults and especially for children. 

Check out her work at http://floraristarain.blogspot.com.ar
 Mail: floraristarain@hotmail.com






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